November 15, 2009

I don't think that's how the song goes

We just got back from our first attempt to take Liam to a concert, and oy. It went pretty much like we expected, but how can sitting still be so hard to do? C's language school has a choir, directed by one of his instructors, and he's been meaning to go to one of their performances for a while now. Assuming we'd have to duck out early, but figuring it would be an adventure at least and a good time at best, we took off at 5 to get dinner and go to a 7:00 concert. We just missed the tram, naturally, but the walk into town was nice. We got to the train station just in time to rush for the bus, and the sight of C dodging through the crowd with Liam on his shoulders saying "wheeeeee" was great - I hope the other people around enjoyed it too.

We made it about half an hour into the concert itself, and then Liam got squirmy. We mostly kept him from flopping around like a fish on a dock until we could duck out at the next break, but I feel a little bad for the people behind us, who were having a hard time seeing the choir over the rising cloud of mutual frustration. Once we were out and headed home, Liam was under the impression that he had had a really good time. There was singing! People clapped! We have been informed that he will be playing us music, and we will need to sit still and listen, and then we can clap for him.

By the time we were in the tram headed back out to our neighborhood, he was singing. A...modified version of "Mary had a little lamb", because he gets stuck repeating the first two lines and can't make it to the end, and because he doesn't quite know the words. There tends to be a lot of "Everywhere Mary went, Mary went, everywhere Mary went, Mary went, everywhere...", but tonight's version was about me for some reason, and included the lyrics "Mama laughed and play, laughed and play, Mama laughed and play..." and "All the way, Mama went, Mama went, all the way - why you laughing?" Awesome.

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