November 13, 2009

Lucky timing

Lately, especially since the switch from standard to daylight savings time (or was the switch the other way around? I can never remember), I've been picking Liam up from kindergarten at dusk. We walk over to the train station to get our tram, and sit on a bench and wait. Often he wants to sit on my lap and just watch the world go by, and if we're lucky we'll see the big flocks of crows that swirl around above the city looking for a place to land for the night.

Last night we left a little later than usual (or maybe the birds cue off of sunset, which is getting earlier?), and the birds had made it over to the church where the kindergarten is. Liam got about two steps outside the door before pointing up and shouting "Look! Birds!" We watched them gradually settle onto the long ridge on the top of the building, and were turning to go when a treeful took off again and startled the rest back up into the air. It was really mesmerizing, and I'm glad we were there at just the right time.

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