November 1, 2009

New project!

I saw it mentioned somewhere that November is "NaBloPoMo" now, so that all of the people who make themselves crazy during NaNoWriMo or NaKniSweMoDo can keep the crazy going by posting every day. It sounded interesting, since (as we have previously noted) I am a terrible correspondent and a worse diarist: converting blog posting into a new project and a challenge instead of a reminder of how looooong it had been since I wrote a post about how looooong it had been since I wrote a post. What could go wrong?
So I logged in to the old blog and went to make a list of things that would make good posts, and...what are these ads? Where's all the stuff I wrote in the last year? Oh, hey, we forgot to re-register the domain names (in, like, September. I guess it has been a while since I posted anything), and some company grabbed both our domains in the hopes that we'll pay them lots of money to get them back.
Good luck with that, jerks.
So hopefully this will be fun, and not just a series of notes about what I had for breakfast (though, for the record: it's yogurt. It's always yogurt. Actually, that would make a good post, because I have a few things to say about yogurt). Coming up: German ingenuity, office finches, yogurt and memory, and my birthday!

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