November 30, 2009

Wish I could help out

Liam appears to be dropping his nap (noooooo!), and now that I've said it out loud on the internet it'll probably be true (noooooo!), and it is causing all kids of wee angst and drama. At kindergarten he's got the option to lie down after lunch, but he's apparently not availing himself of the opportunity lately. By the time C or I picks him up after class/work, he's too tired to deal reasonably with the little injustices of life, like "yes, you have to put your shoes on" or "now it's time to get out of the tram". Poor kiddo, he seems so overwhelmed. Tonight, he fell asleep right after we got home, at 5:30, before dinner, and judging from the times he's done this before, he'll sleep right on through and be unbelievably cheerful, but ravenous, in the morning.

He had a maddening phase of passive-resistance protest last year about this time, where he'd sink to the sidewalk in a boneless pile if he didn't want to do whatever. Yes, even if it was snowing. Yes, even into a puddle. Yes, especially if there were concerned-looking strangers around to judge us. I have no idea why it ended: I'd think our concerted, united front of "that won't get you what you want" would have had quicker results. He's a persistent kid.

This is different, though, and I think the only way out is through: if he's really not napping at school, then he'll adjust (eventually?), with hopefully less of the public fit-throwing and being so tragic about things. The 13-hour nights of sleep are pretty impressive, though, and I'm more than a little jealous.

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