December 1, 2009


After Liam's epic crankiness last night (and impressive, as-predicted 13-hour night of sleep), he woke up this morning, wandered in to our room while I was getting out clothes for the day, and promptly threw up. Mostly on himself, poor guy. So I'm home today, and he is acting perfectly fine, and I don't really mind the surprise sick day too much. I feel like he and I don't get enough time together during the week, so (although I haven't brushed my hair yet today) I'm feeling all right. I've also gotten more done than I expected.

Today I have made:
  • lots of coffee
  • the world's ugliest pumpkin pie
  • more progress than yesterday on my current writing project
  • the discovery that I have a lot to do before my meeting tomorrow
  • a lot of clean laundry
  • oatmeal!

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