July 2, 2010

Free time is for napping

Writing that last post, I was reminded of conversations C and I have had about vacations - what to do with free time, where to go, whether to go with people. It turns out that we're both reflexively pretty hermit-like: given time off, we'll stay home and lie around, or go to the beach and lie around, or (if we're feeling ambitious) go to Maui and lie around on the beach. When we get to choose what to do with our time, we tend to pick "not having responsibilities" over "trying new things". We both also get frustrated in about 5 minutes with crowds, obvious tourists, and people being clueless in public (though I repeat myself), so trips that are go-to good ideas for some people (Disney, Vegas, Mazatlan) are not even on the bottom of our list.

We know plenty of people who are Action Vacationers, who spend their free time climbing mountains or kayaking the San Juans or skiing every weekend*, who (I assume) would be appalled to go on vacation with us because we'd want to waste all that time doing nothing (while we'd be resentful of being dragged all over instead of taking a break; what do you think is the point of vacation, anyway?).

I don't have a point to make here: this is pretty obviously a matter of personality, and there isn't One True Way to go on vacation. We Lazy Vacationers should all band together so we can lie around with no pressure or guilt, and then maybe go get lunch. Who's interested?

*It's really obvious where I'm from, isn't it? Good thing I'm only semi-pseudonymous.