January 21, 2011

I am a terrible hippie

I have a left-of-center self-image: anticonsumerist, feminist, pro-social justice, quasi-vegetarian, local-food fan. I joke with C that living in Northern California turned me into a hippie, or at least brought out my latent hippie tendencies. I was killing time in H&M yesterday (waiting for a bus in there rather than out in the cold), and encountered something I think of as a significant dent in my hippie-ness: a surprisingly intense love for military-style jackets. Seriously, don't ever watch Das Boot with me if you want to hear the dialogue, follow the plot, or do anything other than talk about how unbelievably hot the costumes are. And the jackets were half price! The only reason I didn't buy one (or four) right then and there is that I'm physically incapable of spending money if I don't have to.

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